Ready to leave your comfort zone and finally do your own thing? Tired of excuses, fears, and endless “what ifs” holding you back?

Good! You’re on the right track, and we’re here to help with that journey between dream and reality. Our coaching programs are specifically tailored for women and the full lives they lead. We aim to empower women’s unique strengths and approaches to entrepreneurship while building a strong business foundation.

Our mission: empower women with the knowledge, confidence and inspiration to create dream business and fulfilling life.


Woman Entrepreneur 1: Foundation

Woman Entrepreneur 1: Foundation - $990

This course is ideal for those women who are tired of just thinking about launching a business. They are ready to DO IT.

  • More than 100 lessons on business and personal development 

  • Build the ultimate business foundation, encompassing everything from niche selection to business models

  • Learn to grasp your inner power and gain the confidence to start going in the direction of your dreams

Woman Entrepreneur 2: Growth

Woman Entrepreneur 2: Growth - $990

This course is ideal for those women who know the foundations of the business world and are ready to dive into the specifics of it all. 

  • More than 50 lessons on business and personal development 

  • Gain the analytics, marketing, and sales skills to push your boundaries and achieve sustainable business growth

  • Leave your limitations behind and finesse your personal skills to reach a new, powerful level of professionalism




Meet Nina Mua
A happy wife, mom, and traveler, Nina is passionate about education and empowering women. Best described as a savvy serial entrepreneur, she’s the founder of:

Nina Mua - Makeup School, the #1 rated makeup artistry school in New York City. Licensed by the department of education, the school provides top-tier, immersive education to more than 300 students per year.

Online Makeup Academy, the top online school for makeup artistry. The academy utilizes modern technology to provide education and career opportunities to more than 900 students per year.

Online Women Biz, educational platform for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Nina has compiled her biggest life lessons and expertise in management, business processes, marketing and packaging, and scaling to educate and inspire women to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.

The total annual revenue of these companies exceeds $2 million. Revenues are important, but to Nina, her success is best measured by the success of her students.
She’s built her dream life and believes every woman has the power to reach her own full potential as well.