Best Sunday Rituals for #GirlBosses

health lifestyle motivation Jul 17, 2020

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Few of us are immune to the Sunday Scaries. But if we really dig into why that uneasy feeling pops up, it’s most often because we don’t feel ready to take on a new week full of responsibilities. 

There always seems to be an endless list of professional and personal tasks waiting for us that we really don’t have time for. 

The obvious solution is to prepare for the week by instituting a series of rituals meant to make Monday through Friday run smoother and easier. 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite Sunday activities that always set us up for a happier Monday morning.

6 Sunday Rituals to Follow

Meal Prep

Imagine having a lunch ready to take to the office every day of the week or having dinner ready every night when you come home. How much time would you save? No spur of the moment trips to the grocery store because you’re missing an ingredient, no eating whatever junk food is around because you’re too lazy to cook, no spending too much on delivery and eating out. To get a head start on saving time, money, and your health, all you have to do is meal prep on Sundays. Cook up enough food for the week, store and refrigerate it, and pull out when needed. It takes up time upfront, but the ROI is hard to beat!

Outfit Prep

It’s Thursday, you’ve run out of clean clothes, and are running late because you’ve been staring at your closet the past half-hour. Save yourself the “what should I wear” crisis and sleep in an extra ten minutes a day by prepping your outfits on Sunday. Designate five hangers in your closet for each day of the workweek and hang your full outfits on them - from tops and bottoms to socks and accessories. 


Have you noticed that when your environment is a mess, your life feels like a mess too? Relieve that stress and make your home more of a stress-relief zone by tidying up. No need to deep clean, but store things away, clear off countertops, and wipe away dust to feel less of a hot mess when you wake up on Monday or come home for the day.


Create a self-care bucket list for your Sunday filled with activities that relax you. Whether it’s binging on Netflix, taking a bubble bath, or hitting your favorite breakfast spot, make it non-negotiable. These seemingly simple activities have a huge effect on your mood and well-being. They inspire a positive mindset whose effect will be felt throughout the week. 

Set an Intention

This isn’t about goal-setting or to-do lists but rather choosing a positive feeling for the entire week that will determine what choices you make each day. If your intention is to be more relaxed, you may make daily meditation and mindfulness a priority. If your intention is to be more energized, exercising and eating healthier will be your priorities. Think of it as actively choosing to fulfill an area you’re currently lacking in. 

Create a Plan

You won’t be able to plan out each day in detail, because life has the charming tendency of dropping last-minute surprises. However, you can put down in your digital or paper planner major meetings, activities, and deadlines that you have. It automatically brings a sense of calm and peace when you don’t have mental to-do lists floating around your head. 

These aren’t major game changers that will relieve all your stress magically, but they are small actions that put you in control of your life and give you back valuable time throughout the week.



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