How Upping Your Charisma Can Help You Grow Your Business

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Imagine sitting down to work at a coffee shop. You’re in the zone, ready to catch-up on email, and about to crush your to-do list for the day. Now, typically, someone sitting next to you and wanting to chat would probably be met by some niceties from you and then you’d stick on your headphones and hope they got the message. 

However, on this particular day, the few sentences exchanged with the stranger actually made you want to talk to them more. You continued talking between sips of coffee and emails. By the time they got up to leave, you were asking for their business card. 

What gives? What makes us want to interact with certain people even though we’re not in the mood for small talk?

The simple answer: Their charisma. 

Charisma is a quality that attracts others to you, your words, and your ideas. It’s warmth and charm that makes others feel comfortable in your presence. And every entrepreneur needs a solid dose of it. 

Why do entrepreneurs need charisma?

If you notice one thing about the most successful business people, it’s that they have a certain charisma about them. Almost anyone can come up with a business idea, but the ones who are successful at realizing their ideas are those that can inspire others to be just as excited about them. 

Charisma helps entrepreneurs:

  • Build teams of inspired individuals who believe in what they are doing
  • Attract investors
  • Create a raving customer base
  • Build authentic relationships
  • And establish trust

Ready for some good news? Contrary to popular belief, charisma isn’t something you can have only if you’re born with it; it can also be developed!

Here are simple ways to turn up the volume on your charisma:

(Actually) care about people


Too often we get caught up in numbers and forget that behind all of those spreadsheets and balance sheets, at the end of the day, people are the ones making decisions. Your numbers can be stellar; but if you don’t hit the right buttons with someone, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

We say actually care because pretending to care is something people can pick up on. Take an interest in what people have to say, ask questions, and listen to their responses. Pick up on little subtleties about someone like if they’re feeling nervous or excited or what their favorite coffee order is. Trust us, taking note of the details will go a long way with clients!

Be your own biggest fan


Another major factor in having charisma is projecting confidence. For people to buy-in to your ideas and business, they need to believe that you know where you are going. Confidence doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect and make no mistakes. Rather, it’s assuring people that you’ll be able to navigate past your mistakes. Confidence also doesn’t mean cockiness or putting other people down. You can believe in yourself while uplifting those around you. 

Take the Goldilocks approach


By now, you know that too little charisma won’t do you any favors, but too much of it will leave you behind as well. Hence, the Goldilocks approach - not too little, not too much, but just right.

Research has found that those in the middle of the charisma scale are rated the best. Those radiating too much charisma are seen as too people-focused and not focused enough on the actual business. Networking and relationship building shouldn’t come at the cost of solving problems within your business and creating desirable products and services. You can’t just talk the talk, but you have to also walk the walk. 

If you’re ready to increase your charisma, follow the advice above and pay genuine attention to people, project confidence, and balance out your charisma and actual business offering. You’ll be charming investors and clients in no time.


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