New Book: Roadmap For Starting a Business

5 ways to show your business is the better choice

business sales strategy Oct 20, 2020

5 min read

Open up a new tab on your browser and Google your product or service.

We’ll take a guess and say that the search results are in the millions. Unless your product or service is extremely specific and unique, you’ve got competitors to contend with and stand out against.

The Fix: Differentiate your business

The concept of...


Easy Guide to Ads That Really Work

business creative marketing Aug 21, 2020

Think about the last ad that positively grabbed your attention. Maybe it was a sponsored post or story on Instagram, a video that played on YouTube, or even a pop-up on a website asking you to sign up for a newsletter. 

Was it funny? Loud with large fonts? Busy with loads of colors and graphics?

Whatever the defining factors were, it did...


How to Balance Business and Love

3 min read

Running a business with your partner - an ideal set-up or disaster waiting to happen?

Contrary to popular belief, mixing business and love isn’t to be avoided at all costs. Rather, having the same goals and values and being able to celebrate success together can be a great strengthener for a relationship.

Successfully running...


Sales Leads: What exactly is “hot?

5 min read

Your marketing campaign is doing exceptionally well and the leads are just flowing in! 

But before you pop the champagne and start celebrating your success, hit the pause button for a second. 

On average, only 25% of the leads you receive have the quality it takes to make it to being a closed sale. And while having lots of...


10 Ways to Increase Online Sales

business sales website Aug 04, 2020

5 min read

What leads a customer to ultimately click that “Complete Purchase” button? Is it helpful product descriptions? Quality and detailed product photos? How about shipping and return guarantees?

A combination of all of the above and then some?

Of the hundreds of choices you have to when optimizing an ecommerce website, any...


What Does Business Casual Mean for Women?

business lifestyle style Jul 21, 2020

3 min read

Clothing doesn’t make the woman; her smarts, heart, and effort do. But clothing does make for a first impression and, arguably, continued impression of her. Like it or not, what we wear can affect our business relationships with clients and partners and how successful we are in the long run.

Whether you work in a corporate...


How to Really Conduct a Competitive Analysis

business marketing strategy Jul 08, 2020

5 min read

Competition is a good thing! If it wasn’t for competitors, companies would stagnate, innovation would not exist, and there would be no growth. There’s no reason to improve when your customers have nowhere else to go.

But that’s not the world we live in, because no matter what industry you’re in, you have...


The Simple Analysis Tool Your Business Needs

4 min read

At any given point in time, a business owner faces a multitude of critical decisions. New opportunities arise, each carrying their own potential for success or failure. Likewise there is never a lack of challenges popping up, each requiring a solution and roadmap for how to tackle them. 

The one constant, no matter what industry...


Believe It or Not, Your Business Needs a Newsletter

6 min read

Scan your inbox real quick. How many unopened newsletters are sitting there waiting to be read? Ok, let’s be honest... waiting to be deleted.

We all know the deal. We sign up for newsletters for free downloads, discount codes, or some sort of other special access. Once we get what we want, our interest in the emails flooding...


Is Your Brand Inconsistent? Here’s What to Check.

business marketing website Jun 05, 2020

7 min read

You’ve put blood, sweat, tears, and gallons of coffee into building up your brand. You’ve perfected the intangibles and polished the tangibles. Or have you?

Small inconsistencies are hard to spot, but they can put a significant tarnish on all of the hard work you put into building your brand. 

Everything from logos,...

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