Sales Leads: What exactly is “hot?"

5 min read

Your marketing campaign is doing exceptionally well and the leads are just flowing in! 

But before you pop the champagne and start celebrating your success, hit the pause button for a second. 

On average, only 25% of the leads you receive have the quality it takes to make it to being a closed sale. And while having lots of...


10 Ways to Increase Online Sales

business sales website Aug 04, 2020

5 min read

What leads a customer to ultimately click that “Complete Purchase” button? Is it helpful product descriptions? Quality and detailed product photos? How about shipping and return guarantees?

A combination of all of the above and then some?

Of the hundreds of choices you have to when optimizing an ecommerce website, any...


Pain Points Are the Key to Making Sales

6 min read

You’ve invested time, money, and energy into bringing that new customer onboard only to have the agreement fall through. Sound familiar?

Probably too familiar for some. It leaves you frustrated and drained knowing the lost productivity. Could you have made a sale had you invested your time somewhere else? Definitely.

We see...


How to Create More Effective Social Media Ads

marketing sales socialmedia Jun 19, 2020

6 min read

People hate ads. Anyone shocked by that? No? We thought so.

Marketers spend their lives creating ads and consumers spend their lives avoiding them. It’s the circle of life. 

But why is it that we as consumers have such a bad taste in our mouths about ads? We dug into that question, and found these five themes to be...


You Made the Sale, Now What?

4 min read

Most new customers don’t make a second purchase. 

Here’s the good news though: your customers have already taken a liking to you when they made their first purchase. They wouldn’t have wanted your product or service otherwise, right?

Now, it’s your responsibility to keep the good feelings rolling. 



4 Best Practices for Smarter Sales

5 min read

Let’s talk traditional sales. People have been selling and buying goods and services for centuries, and at the core of it, the process hasn’t changed that much. 

Of course, things are more polished and advanced today, buy the sales process, at its most simplified level, has always boiled down to a basic formula: The...


Building Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales

8 min read

Imagine coming across a website that you haven’t visited before. You like the products they’re selling but know nothing about the brand, if the products are good quality, or what their customer service (if any) is like. 

The logical next step would be to search for customer reviews to find out if others had a...


How To Stand Out in a Sea of Similar Competitors

marketing sales strategy May 12, 2020

6 min read

Here’s a bit of a reality check: almost no business is one-of-a-kind. Yours included. 

Think about it objectively. How many grocery stores, clothing retailers, dentists, makeup artists, etc. are truly unique in their field?

Whatever industry niche you are in, at the end of the day, you are essentially selling the same...


Sluggish Sales? Here’s Why

business sales strategy Jun 14, 2019

5 min read

It’s incredibly frustrating when you’re doing everything you should – great marketing campaigns, brand presence, customer engagement, etc. – but the sales are just not happening.

Many things can contribute to stagnant sales, but time and time again, entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in an inconsistent cycle...

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