Woman Entrepreneur 2 - Business Growth

Grow your business by learning effective strategies in marketing , sales and delegation.

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Woman Entrepreneur 2 - Business Growth

Grow your business by learning effective strategies in marketing , sales and delegation.

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Level 2

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The Goal
6 Figure Business

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Course Length
12 Weeks

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Course Format
Online & Personal

It's Time to Develop Your Business Skills

This course is ideal for those of you who know the foundations of the business world and are ready to dive into the specifics of it all. Or maybe you’ve done everything right and checked off all the “steps to launching a business” boxes, but you’re still not playing at the level you want to be at. What gives?!

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We’ve designed this course to guide you through in-depth lessons on various business and personal development topics, because succeeding in just one of these areas doesn’t lead to growth, and business and personal success aren’t exclusive. You can have both. You SHOULD have both.

This isn’t one of those courses where you’re given mountains of information that doesn’t even end up being useful and are then left to figure it out yourself.


We want you to practice what we preach.

And we’re confident that our educational method will inspire you to reach new levels of thinking and implement a new approach to business and life.

How it Works

A successful business shouldn’t have to come at the cost of putting the rest of your life on hold. No matter how big or small your business is, we believe you can be successful and happy on all fronts at the same time. We’re here to inspire a new wave of bright and confident women entrepreneurs. Our team of experts have spent months creating and testing these courses to ensure that you receive the best possible education.

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Business-Life Balance

You can’t grow your business without advancing your own skillsets. In this all-inclusive, in-depth course, we will deep-dive into advanced business processes vital for growth while also nurturing and developing the life skills needed to perform at higher levels.

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12 Weeks of Hard Work

The approximate completion time is 3 months (12 weeks), during which we will cover five modules of life lessons and five modules of business lessons.

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Online Format

Wherever you are, we are there with you! The course is available fully online. You will be able to access lessons, communicate with classmates, and receive support from our curators from anywhere in the world.

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Learn 24/7 From Anywhere

Are you in another time-zone? Or a steadfast night-owl? No worries! We know convenience is everything, so we’ve made the course available 24/7. Hop onto the platform at any time to catch-up and perform tasks.

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Exclusive OWB Community

You will gain exclusive access to the OWB community, an environment for female entrepreneurs to support and cheer each other on. Sharing your experiences, triumphs, and setbacks with a likeminded support system is an important component of success.

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Become Unstoppable

We want you to walk away with tools you can immediately start implementing. Each lesson will challenge you to put into practice the strategies, techniques, and processes covered. If you’re looking for a practical course that will give you real results, this is it.

Personalized Support
From Our Team

Our goal at OWB is to provide personalized education based on each student's needs combining the best benefits from both in-person and online education.

As you submit your homework, you will be receiving evaluation as well as mentorship, and guidance through personalized video or text messages.

We offer the unique opportunity for personal feedback, and this benefit is  crucial when it comes to building your business. We will always be there for you, every step of the way!

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In the course you are going to take


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Build A Sales Team

Utilize analytics and sales funnels.

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Advanced Marketing

Identify customer touchpoints. 

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Analyze Competitors

Learn and apply best practices from your competitors.

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Lead Generation

Learn how to get traffic to your website.

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Scale Your

Learn more about franchising and licensing.

but also


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Boost your self-confidence 

Leverage your unique strengths.

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Make New

Learn new techniques to become a better person.

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Manage Relationships and Conflict

Conflict is inevitable in the long run, learn how to deal with it. 

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Balance Personal and Business Affairs

Relationships are hard and affect your business, learn how to make it right.  

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Carry Yourself Professionally

Focus on yourself and your inner voice. 

This course isn’t a compilation of “nice-to-know” lessons that will leave you wondering how exactly you’re supposed to implement them into your life. But rather, it’s a system, a whole educational method that will inspire a new level of thinking and fresh approach to your business and personal life.

Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!

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Growth is the result of pushing our boundaries and stepping out of the comfort zones we’ve built for ourselves. It’s what happens when we aspire to reach our personal best. 

Lofty daydreams or “pinch-me-is-this-real” reality?

The choice is always yours, so invest your efforts wisely

The result?

New heights in business

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  • More than 50 lessons on business and personal development within 12 modules

  • Actionable tasks (homework)

  • Access to the private chat with curators and classmates

  • One-on-one curator support for your homework

  • Membership in the “women in business” movement

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Lifetime Accces



  • Reprogram your mind
  • Work on sales funnel
  • Learn about finances
  • Work on touchpoints
  • Utilize effective marketing
  • Implement CRM in your business
  • Make your business work for you
  • Balance your business and personal life

Our promise to you: 

We will do everything we can for you to thrive in life as well as in business


❌ People who don't want to take action to improve their skills. 

❌ Those who looking for a “make million dollars quick” program.

❌ People who want to pretend they're somebody else.

❌ Those seeking to do the least amount of effort.

❌ People who consider themselves advanced entrepreneurs.

❌ Negative people.