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Find out what people are saying about us and our business 101 courses. 


Our Team

Find out what people are saying about us and our online entrepreneurship courses. 


Meet Our Team


Nina Mua, Founder

If we had to describe Online Women Biz founder, Nina, in one sentence it would be that she is amazingly tireless and the definition of a serial entrepreneur. After years of working as an international makeup artist, she used her business savvy to recognize gaps in makeup artist education, and Online Makeup Academy was born.

Her mission has always been to provide the highest quality education to the students attending her programs and prepare them for the real world. The success of her businesses, whose annual revenue exceeds $1 million, is a testament to the amount of trust students from all over the world have put into Nina’s courses.

While juggling businesses, motherhood, and life in NYC, Nina noticed that more and more women were asking her how she did it all. Realizing that there was a population of women entrepreneurs that could benefit from what she has learned through the years, businesswoman Nina worked her magic once again and launched Online Women Biz to share her expertise in management, business processes, marketing, and packaging, and scaling.

Nina’s philosophy is simple, she’s built her dream life and believes every woman has the power to reach her own full potential as well.

Instagram: @ninamua


Anela Perviz, Coach

With a master’s degree in marketing, Anela has done the whole business school thing and can recognize a quality education program when she sees it. After spending years in the corporate world with some of America’s largest companies, she’s decided to dedicate her marketing experience and business know-how to work that truly matters.

Here at Online Women Biz, she’s constantly crafting content and coaching students to make sure they are crushing their courses. Exposed to entrepreneurship from an early age, Anela knows the freedom creating your dream life brings and is dedicated to helping every woman achieve her dream.

Instagram: @anelaperviz

How did I come up with the idea for Online Women Biz?


Back in 2014, I founded a makeup school in New York City, and it’s grown to host an average of 400 students annually. I’ve seen these talented artists graduate year-after-year with incredible skills in makeup artistry.

Many of them dream of starting their own businesses, being their own boss, and creating a life that brings them joy. But they don’t know how to begin marketing themselves and are unsure of what to do next. I began to realize just how many of my students were struggling with these issues and knew that they needed a source of guidance.

After all, I was in that very same position once – I had big dreams but no clue as to where to start with launching a business. After much trial and error and many lessons learned, I was able to overcome these struggles and chart a way forward for myself. Not only did I end up founding a makeup school, but soon after I also launched an Online Makeup Academy for makeup artists. I went from feeling helpless to becoming an empowered entrepreneur.

However, business is hard and not the easiest path to choose. Only by learning the right lessons and taking time to develop myself personally was I able to succeed. And now I want to share that knowledge with others so their paths to success are as smooth as can be. As a result, I decided to create an online platform, so that everyone with desires and ideas, not just makeup artists, can start building their business and developing towards their own personal fulfillment.

The greatest knowledge comes from the first-hand experience. That’s why all the lessons and insights contained in Online Women Biz courses are based on my own experiences in building businesses from the ground up and the immense amount of research I have put into developing concepts and strategies.

The Ultimate Guide: 9 Steps You Must Take When Starting A Business

I’ve created a complete roadmap detailing the 9 critical steps to lead you from idea to success.

✅ Choose a niche
✅ Select a business model
✅ Define a target audience
✅ Create a unique selling proposition
✅ Design a website
✅ Market and generate leads
✅ Define a sales process
✅ Establish trust
✅ Delegate and manage a team

The roadmap will provide you with a crash course on these important topics, and we’ll even reveal the first steps you need to take to put each business element into effect.

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