We help women to believe in themselves, their own strengths, inspire ourselves to do our own thing, keeping the balance between business and life. We do not divide business into "men" or "women". We create business programs that are not inferior in strength to men's at the same time we take into account women's characteristics and approach to business management and do not forget to pay attention to all spheres of life of a woman.

Our goal: Successful in all a woman-entrepreneur, living a life that she dreams of living, happy every day.

With us you will learn:

Become more confident in yourself
Change the attitude to things
Set up the right environment
Get rid of fears
You will gain energy and desire to live

Create a profitable company
Pack Marketing
Activate the flow of customers
Arrange sales
Put the team in business

Key moments of this course:

  • Life and business are given the same attention! You not only go deeper into business processes, but also become personal, you will become even happier than before!

  • This is a great fundamental course, divided into three stages: the Foundation, the points of growth and the dock! In this course, more 200 lessons in business and life!

  • The course is fully available online. Wherever you are, we are always there! You will be able to learn, communicate with classmates and receive answers from curators in any part of the world.

  • You can do this when it's convenient. Another time zone? Are you an owl and work at night? No problems! Come to the platform at any convenient time, work, perform tasks. The course is open 24/7.

  • You will be taken to the Womenbz community. After attending the course, you will be taken to the community, in an environment that supports, helps, develops. In an environment that does not give up and does not push you!

  • Only practice. A course is not a book, it's not so much knowledge or training, it's an action! Most importantly - the course will force you to apply here and now what you learn, work in your life, work on business!

Curriculum includes:

Level 2:


  • Energy. What in your life eats energy and does not let live a dream life?

  • Energy. Ring of business energy.

  • How to make up for lost energy?

  • Communication. How to negotiate with people? How to build communication?

  • How to get out of conflict situations?

  • Communication styles.

  • Conversation. How to achieve the desired and get out in a win-win situation?

  • Public performance. How to prepare and feel confident?

  • Self-presentation and elevator speech.

  • Communication with men in business (partners / employees / clients).

  • Business etiquette and business ethics.

Family business

Where is the border?
How to allocate responsibilities?
How to divide revenues?
Time for life and business.
Family development.
How to follow the path of dreams together?

Family and business

  • The husband is an entrepreneur.

  • Keys to effective communication and balance in the family.

  • The husband earns less.

  • How to solve the financial problem?

  • I can not find a man, because I'm a businesswoman.

  • The answers of the psychologist and the business lady cases.


Preparing to run.
Preparation for haiking.
Stretching. Yoga.

Wardrobe of a successful business lady.


Financial planning.
Types of taxation (patent, USN).

Delegation - Level 2

  • Who is an entrepreneur?

  • Key functions of the entrepreneur.

  • Delegation. What is it and how to master this science?

  • Development of competences of current employees and development of functionality for a new team.

  • Types of organizational structures in the company.

  • Whom do we hire, whom we fire?

  • The balance between control and trust.

  • Rules for the formation of vacancies.

  • Methods of interaction with the team: task managers and task-trackers.

  • We build the right system of motivation: both financial and non-financial.

  • We'll deal with KPI.

  • Conducting effective gliders and brainstorming.

  • Working out the skills of an outstanding leader and leader.


  • Development of the brand platform.

  • Implementing analytics in all marketing channels.

  • Calculation of the cost of customer actions, marketing profitability (CPA, ROI, LTV).

  • Immersion in social networks: FB, IG

Level 1:


  • A vision of life

  • Action steps for your business

  • Powerful goals in life

  • How to set goals and find energy to achieve them

  • Key to your own motivation

  • Society and how it affects our picture of the world

  • Environment and its importance

  • Fear. What stopping you to get the result you want and how to overcome?

  • Doubts and answers that will show you the way

  • Map of life principles

  • Inner strength and femininity

  • Harmony in everything that you do.

  • Self-confidence as the key to achievement

  • Happiness is on the way. Where does it come from?

  • Path of happiness, balance and success in any endeavor

How to add fitness to your life
Posture basics

How to look amazing: makeup, hair, skin care
fashion and clothes


  • Introduction to entrepreneurship

  • Benefits

  • Difference between men and women in business

  • Benefits of being a woman in business

  • Goal setting. Financials

  • Niche selection, passion vs money

  • Tools to test the niche if its profitable

  • How to start, step by step guide

  • Registering your company

  • How to come up with a business name

  • Business plan: pessimistic, optimistic, realistic

  • Development of the company's business model.

  • Where is the money?

  • Audit and analysis of competitors.

  • Key indicators of "health" of business.

  • We learn to count and analyze them.

  • Analysis of the current sales funnel and the development of a competent sales funnel.

  • Deep study of the values nd meanings of the company.

  • Developing an action plan for improving indicators.

  • Work out the points of contact with your company.

  • The strategy of working with points of contact.

Planning and time-management

  • Planning as a key to a successful company.

  • Methods of planning and working with time.

  • Time management of life and business.

  • Focusing and wandering the mind as ways of working on tasks. 6 steps to the competent control of his time.

  • 7 useful applications for planning.

  • How to effectively deal with routine, distribute tasks and delegate?


The first step to delegation and why it is needed.
Work with the first team members.
How to pay?
What tasks should be delegated?
The target audience.
We define the target audience, we allocate segments.
We draw up a map of empathy and the avatar of the client.
We understand and feel the needs of our customers.
Situations when you are not your CA.


  • Offline and online marketing

  • Social media

  • What platform to choose?

  • Make it visually nice

  • Messenger marketing

  • Content marketing is the key

  • Content plan for month ahead

  • Marketing with $ 0

  • Shares and events in social networks to increase the average check and sales.

  • The concept of USP.

  • Building your Web-site

  • Check list

Nina Mua
Serial entrepreneur, creator of companies:

  • Nina Mua - Makeup School in NYC

  • Online Makeup Academy

The total monthly revenue of companies exceeds 1 million dollars per year.

A happy wife, mom and traveler. Passionate on education topic

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